Consultant Contract Services

Request for Proposals – Contracted Professional Services

Date Posted:  April 27, 2022

Thrive With Autism (Thrive Center for Success) seeks a veteran school principal to provide strategic advising and support with various talent and school culture workstreams during our start-up period.  The duties and are outlined below.

Interested candidates should contact with a statement of relevant experiences.


Responsibilities include:

  1. Advise the Executive Director and Founding Principal on recruitment and selection of teachers and other key staff positions.
  2. Advise the Executive Director and Founding Principal on strategies to recruit a well-rounded, diverse team capable of working together to deliver outstanding educational outcomes for students.
  3. Attend select final interviews with potential candidates for teaching and other key staff positions.  Offer input and advice to Executive Director and Founding Principal on hiring decisions.
  4. Provide strategic counsel and support to prepare summer professional development activities, with special emphasis on promoting a positive, mission-oriented school culture.
  5. Provide strategic counsel to the Executive Director on final creation of a statement of mission, vision, and values to guide all employees of the Thrive Center for Success and to build a strong, high-performing staff team.
  6. Assist the Executive Director and Founding Principal in the creating systems for professional evaluation and professional development for Thrive teachers, therapists, and other key staff members.
  7. Provide executive coaching, mentorship, and leadership development support to the Executive Director and Founding Principal.
  8. Other related workstreams as mutually determined by contractor and Thrive Center for Success.



Required Qualifications:

  • An extensive track record of success as a public school principal. Minimum requirement of 5 years as a principal; preference for 8 – 10 years.
  • Demonstrated track record of knowledge and experience with building and leading high-performing teams of teachers, administrators, and other critical school positions.
  • Demonstrated track record of coaching, developing, and growing high-performing teachers and other school leaders.
  • Deep commitment to the mission of Thrive Center for Success.
  • Demonstrated commitment to a collaboration, servant-leadership, and positive relationship-building.
  • Familiarity with all required aspects of running a public school in the state of Texas.

Terms:  Contract position, to be compensated on a deliverables-basis with a fixed rate.  The terms shall begin with a 6 or 12-month contract, with an option to extend based on mutual agreement of both parties.