Director of Business and Operations

Job Title: Director of Business and Operations

Reports to: Superintendent 

Location: Greater Houston Region (Magnolia/The Woodlands, Texas)

FLSA Status: Full-time, 40hr+, Exempt

JOB GOAL: The Director of Business and Operations is responsible for leadership and management issues related to business and operations, including finance, human resources, facilities, transportation, school safety, data reporting, and food service.

OVERVIEW: The Director of Business and Operations will be responsible for all matters of campus and district operations that do not directly relate to instruction or student behavior. The Director of Business and Operations will specifically provide support services to Thrive Center For Success to ensure quality control, excellent customer service, and continued support for the strategic development of the school. As an operations leader within the Thrive Center For Success, he/she will play an active role in designing and executing centrally led initiatives to further implement systems and efficient practices that enhance the entire organization’s campus model in scalability. The Director of Business and Operations will work closely with Thrive Center For Success’ Executive Director, Principal, and other operations staff.


•   Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited educational institution (Required)

•   Master’s Degree from an accredited educational institution (Preferred)


•   A minimum of 7+ years of experience in operations or similar role in education or similar organization.

• Demonstrable experience of developing and implementing successful strategies and delivering activities in an education context.

•   Proven experience of managing staff with ability to motivate team members to achieve goals.

• Strong cultural competency skills, including the ability to communicate and work effectively with a diverse population.

Skills and Mindsets

  • Excellent organizational and communication skills, with a good command of the English language and vocabulary.
  • Results driven approach to work with a passion for achieving goals and flexible attitude to the working environment.
  • Exceptional project management and data assessment skills, with an ability to juggle multiple priorities simultaneously.Knowledge of complex stakeholder management, ability to collaborate and develop and maintain successful and professional working relationships.
  • Proven experience building operational efficiency while proactively finding solutions.
  • Proven excellent IT and analytical skills and ability to gather and analyze data extracting insights and reporting.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent time management and organizational skills.
  • Exceptional attention to detail.
  • Highly-motivated and self-starter/self-directed learner with a “whatever it takes” attitude to work independently and as a team player.
  • Highly skilled ability to manage multiple tasks, prioritize, problem solve and navigate through ambiguity.
  • Unquestioned integrity and commitment to the Thrive Center For Success’ mission and community.
  • Service-oriented, able to adapt to a changing environment while applying flexibility to work under pressure and remaining calm in the midst of competing demands.
  • Ability to maintain emotional control under stress.
  • High level of flexibility and openness to change.
  • A high level of self-awareness including transparent understanding of one’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Desire to serve as a team member and work collaboratively to serve campus community.
  • Ability to exercise excellent judgment in decision-making.
  • Initiator, problem-solver, and creative thinker.
  • Knowledge of the laws, rules, procedures, and programs specifically related to the business operation of public charter schools in Texas.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications.
  • Strong work ethic; willingness to work beyond a 40-hour week to serve students.
  • Authentic, humble, servant-leader orientation.
  • Growth mindset: strong receptiveness to give and receive frequent feedback.
  • Willingness to work on some weekends, evenings, or other non-standard business hours, as required by the needs of the school and in accordance with the duties outlined above. Willingness to do “whatever it takes” to serve students and their families at the highest level.


  1. General Administrative: 
  • Maintains a filing system compliant with the Texas Open Meetings Act and the Texas State Library Archives Commission
  • Ensures that all confidential files and information within the Superintendent’s Office are kept secured. 
  • Assists Superintendent with Education Service Centers and TEA responses, contract management, and compliance requirements
  • Assists the Superintendent with the submission of waivers, amendments, application requests, reports and responses as required by the Texas Education Agency
  • Assists in reminders and follow up in the compliance of deadlines throughout the District
  • Ensures organizational updated documents are filed in a timely manner with entities such as but not limited to the Texas Education Agency, the Secretary of State, and the Texas State Library and Archives Commission 
  • Assists with website postings as mandated by the Texas Education Agency or by other entities as required. 
  • Serves as the District’s point of contact with vendors 
  • Ensures compliance of board meeting notices/agendas and minutes as mandated by the Texas Open Meetings Act
  • Assists the Board of Directors with the updating of board policies, handbooks, and manuals. 
  • Coordinates HR/payroll efforts with the back-office service provider
  • Participates in recruitment, selection, and onboarding of new staff
  • Manages relationships with all operations vendors, including food services, IT, back office, and custodial services
  • Steps in as a leader on ad hoc tasks and projects wherever necessary to build a strong school environment
  • Works with administrators to check and assist with adherence in all areas. Suggests changes to documents as necessary
  • Develops and upkeeps calendar of all required reporting for Thrive Center for Success
  • Performs other clerical tasks and assumes responsibilities as assigned by the Superintendent or designee.

  1. PEIMS and State Data Reporting:
  • Coordinates all campus level activities associated with PEIMS and data reporting
  • Evaluates student information system programs for accuracy and comprehensiveness including but not limited to; cumulative folders, record requests, transcripts, report cards/progress reports, student health, medication and allergy records, special program and specialized indicator coding, and student attendance data
  • Coordinates the procedures used to provide transcript data collection and dissemination
  • Uses TRex to send and receive student records from one district to another
  • Leads student scheduling and all master scheduling efforts 
  • Coordinates and manages activity associated with student attendance for the district and with requests for permanent records
  • Gathers and creates data reports as needed for school administrators and federal/state/city agencies
  • Lead the preparation of student records for internal and external audits (i.e., student medical records)
  • Coordinates campus enrollment and withdraw requests
  • Ensures the school is adhering to all local compliance and reporting requirements. 
  • Works in conjunction with back-office service provider to oversee, collect and report data to TEA and other agencies, as required, including PEIMS data

  1. Campus Operations: 
  • Oversees and assists with all essential aspects of the campuses’ finance and operations (e.g., timesheets, accounts payable, IT, school safety, procurement, certification(s), facility appearance, school’s supply and asset inventory, and transportation services by coordinating with service providers, deliveries etc.)
  • Manages any facilities and maintenance needs on an ongoing basis, including entrance and exit procedures
  • Coordinates necessary transportation and manages required reporting
  • Leads school safety initiatives and ensures compliance with school safety rules and regulations
  • Ensures the physical and emotional safety of all scholars and staff by consistently evaluating the school culture and environment
  • Supports the resolution of HR issues including policy clarification, disagreements and grievances, if applicable
  • Assists in the management of Worker’s Compensation program including timely filing of claims, monitoring open claims, reporting, and effectively communicating with employees, supervisors, medical providers, and insurance adjuster
  • Manages absence and timekeeping software, ensuring timesheets, absences, and substitutes accounts are maintained properly
  • Maintains DPS user access and ensures all employees and contractors are fingerprinted and authorized to work in Texas public schools

  1. Budget and Finance
  • Leads the annual budgeting process, in collaboration with administration and back-office support
  • Ensures fiscal compliance and adherence to fiscal policies & procedures for a clean financial internal/external audit
  • Ensures compliance with all state, federal, and local employment laws and policies
  • Acts as the primary liaison with the back-office provider for the day-to-day management of the budget, payroll, purchasing procedures, tracking, and financial reporting

Other duties as assigned


•   Demonstrates behavior that is professional, ethical, and responsible.

•   Participates in workshops, seminars, and conferences to enhance knowledge and skills.

• Demonstrates knowledge, and support of Thrive Center For Success’ mission, values, standards, policies and procedures, confidentiality standards, Employee Handbook expectations and code of ethical behavior as stated in the Handbook.

  • Ensures compliance with all state and federal laws, local board policies, administrative guidelines, and the Texas Educators’ Code of Ethics.

•   Serves as appropriate role model for Thrive Center For Success’ colleagues, students, staff, and parents.

•   Conducts self in a professional manner at all times.


•   Frequent prolonged and irregular hours of duty

•   Some light manual labor

•   Endures possible inclement weather conditions to provide for student safety


Thrive with Autism is committed to creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment. All employment decisions are based on job requirements and individual qualifications without regard to race, color, religion, gender identity and/or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status.


  • Every Child Feels Valued
  • Celebrate Uniqueness
  • Inclusive, Safe Environment
  • Welcoming/Nurturing/Positive Environment
  • Educating one of us takes all of us
  • A “We” Community - Team Oriented
  • A “Yes” Community – Look for ways to make it possible. “Why Not”
  • Do Whatever It Takes
  • Open to Feedback/Constructive Criticism
  • Transparency
  • Live By Our Values - Servant Leadership